Nevermore’s Warrel Dane Reveals Pieces To The Obsidian Conspiracy! Steven Blaqart Struggles To Remain Sane As Warrel Dances Around Every Question!!

Nevermore – The Obsidian Conspiracy

Warrel Dane

a FULL HOUR AND A HALF INTERVIEW with Nevermore vocalist Warrel Dane about the latest and greatest from them entitled The Obsidian Conspiracy (audio tracks included). Experience the mystery as PRC DJ Steven Blaqart works feverishly across the internet to unravel the secrets contained within the Obsidian Conspiracy while repeatedly being challenged by cryptic responses from “Metal Master Mind” Warrel Dane. Experience the shock, the horror, and occasional laughter AVAILABLE RIGHT HERE AND NOW!

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Jan 27 2010, Broadcast 26 (shuffle) (acoustic performance)

The Undead – I want you dead – Dawn Of The Undead

Witchcraft – Walk Between the Lines – The Alchemist
Chuck Ragan – California Burritos – Feast or Famine
One Man Army – Next Generation – Rumors and Headlines

Broadway Calls – Midnight Hour – Good Views, Bad News
The Balconies – Smells Like Secrets – The Balconies
Marilyn Manson – Para-Noir – The Golden Age Of Grotesque [Bonus Track]

Killed By The Bull – Turn Me Into Dirt – Failing Is Fun
Danzig – Snakes of Christ – Danzig II- Lucifuge
Danzig – I’m the One – Danzig II- Lucifuge
Dear Landlord – Landlocked – Dream Homes

Millencolin – Devil me – Pennybridge pioneers
Interpol – All Fired Up – Our Love to Admire
Megadeth – Peace Sells – Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying (Remastered)
Misfits – She – Box Set (Disc 1)
The Parasites – Waiting Game – Retro-Pop Remasters
Warrel Dane – Lucretia My Reflection – Praises to the War Machine

Steven Blaqart plays Hybrid Moments by the Misfits on his acoustic guitar and sings

punkradiocast broadcast 26.mp3