Never Got Caught EXPLORATION and Subhumans Canada REHASHING


This episode starts with a neglected interview that fell to the way side when I decided to start a Rock show called Rockobra. The show was a failure and I became swamped with other interviews. So I brought it back in the form of the original idea for Rockobra. The idea is that you will hear a major album preview of Never Got Caught – Creepshow with commentary by NGC front man Brian Hinkley. Most notable of NGC album Creepshow is that Clutch’s Neil Fallon sings on the track Slipping Out so expect lots of Clutch story telling.

Next on the episode I am joined by Brian Goble of Subhumans (Canada) to discuss the rerecording of a album that was written 30 years ago to find out how much his political views may or may not have changed.

If streaming this episode from my site and you’d like to skip ahead look closely at the player it turns green as it plays and you CAN actually skip ahead after it’s loaded.