Action Time! Radio 4/The Brains and Mantic Ritual

Action Time! Radio 4-The Brains & Mantic Ritual Interviews mp3

First on the show I talk with the Canadian Psychobilly band The Brains about their latest self titled release on Stomp Records. Afterward it’s a field recording interview I did with the American Thrash Metal band Mantic Ritual about their new album on Nuclear Blast Records called Executioner. Both bands turn out to be quite funny!

Action Time 1!/Blag Dahlia of the Dwarves

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An entire hour dedicated to one of my favorite bands The Dwarves. We talk with Blag Dahlia about projects of the future, past, and present. Music from The Dwarves, Candy Now!, and Blag Solo. One Half Music, One Half Interview, 100% Genius!

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