Jello Biafra Explains The Difference Between Presidents Obama And Roosevelt!

Action Time Jello Biafra

I wish I could take credit for conducting this interview, but I can’t. It’s actually a Jello Biafra interview that was conducted over the summer at the Festival D’ete De Quebec in
July 2010 The Interview was conducted by Jenna Miles from PRC, Mike Sullivan who used to host Morbio Punk on PRC and Darrin Ollinger from a radio station in Calgary
Jello was in Quebec performing for Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine.

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Free Album Download : The Black Heart Blisters – Television

There’s an unmistakable degree of brainwashing that occurs through our love for modern technology. Not the technologies themselves… but the software and media required to transmit these high definition experiences come encrypted with the universal remedy for human desire. A formula refined by over a hundred years of data compiling, the retooling and refinement of the human soul. We’re manipulated by the invisible puppet strings of artificial dependency we’ve been conditioned to since we were children. The allure is irresistible, like moths to a flame, we burn in our own delights. It’s a story about a lonely man who forgets how to live and make decisions without the help and opinion of his Television.

Steven Blaqart – Vocals

Mike Cilano –  Music

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01 Explosion Compulsion

02 Her Dying Wish

03 The Day Our Radio Died

04 Flash In Fade Out

05 Kill Communication

06 The Sin Begins Again

07 Leave Them For Dead

08 Static

09 End Transmission

Action Time Radio7/Pat Thetic Of Anti-Flag Interview


A Super Anti-Flag Fan episode of Action Time! Radio. Anti-Flag drummer Pat Thetic proves to be an amazing guest who enjoys talking about the history of Anti-Flag and give the listeners the story behind every single song we play!

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