Blaqart Radio Retribution Episode 4 With Lee Ving Of Fear

Lee Ving of Fear Calls in and talks us through each track on the new album from Fear called The Fear Record, released via The End Records, a ground-breaking 2012 re-recording of the landmark debut 1982 album The Record. I also take a break from the album preview and interview to play songs from:

Doomed To Obscurity – One More War


The Casualties – Warriors On The Road


Smoking Popes – Rubella


The Quakes – Festa Do Estica E Puxa


Calabrese – The Dead Don’t Rise


No Trigger – Insider (Executive/Amputee)


NOFX – Cell Out


River Jumpers – Chapters


Sister Sin – In It For Life


Fear – No More Nothing


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Sept 2,2009 Punk Radio Cast Broadcast 10 w Strychnine Babies

Blaqart Radio is Sponsored by there will be a brief 46 second commercial for Zazzle before the show begins:


There are currently no Strychnine Babies videos online but Eric Bower used to be in Dead City Psychos so check this out!

Steven Blaqart and Special Musical Guest Hosts –
The Strychnine Babies, yes, the entire band is on the show!

Play List
The Strychnine Babies – Killing Time – New Religion – EP

Peter Laughner – Ain’t it Fun – Take The Guitar Player For A Ride
Pagans – Street Where Nobody Lives – Shit Street
Dead City Psychos – Nowhere Fast – Babylon

Black President – Who Do You Trust – Black President
D Generation – No Way Out – No Lunch
Reagan Youth – degenerated – Anthems for the new Order
Fear – New York’s Alright If You Like Saxophones – The Record

The Strychnine Babies – Scum Of The Earth – New Religion – EP
the Chesterfield Kings – i don’t understand – The MindBending Sounds of….
Demolition 23. – Hammersmith Palais – Demolition 23

The Strychnine Babies – Numb – redestruction the ghetto years 96-99