Geoff Rickly of Thursday,Frank Turner and Nathen Maxwell of Flogging Molly! How Do Their Lives Intertwine?! FOUND OUT NOW!

First on the show an in person interview with Geoff Rickly of Thursday, from the tour bus of Thursday/Dillinger Escape Plan. We discuss the reason for difference in production from album to album with audio examples for each album and talk Jones Soda with DEP’s Jeff Tuttle.

After that it’s a phone  interview with Epitaph records singer/songwriter Frank Turner. We discuss his friendship with Geoff Rickly and some of his musical influences. Afterward we discuss highlights of his latest album Poetry of The Deed where Frank reveals to me his interest in having a member of Flogging Molly perform with him live on a track during the Flogging Molly Tour which he is currently on.

Last but not least it’s a phone interview with Flogging Molly bass player Nathen Maxwell of The Original Bunny Gang. We play tracks from his Bunny Gang album White Rabbit discuss Life and Love from the perspective of the road. And try to break the ice for Frank Turner by filling him in on the idea of a Flogging Molly member joining him on stage

The File downloads better from This Site the file should an hour and 30 minutes long and 103 MB Email me at if you don’t get the whole file



Action Time! Radio 28/The Dillinger Escape Plan Interview

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Hear an audio trip through Dillinger Escape Plan history narrated by Ben Weinman/Guitar Player/Founding Member starting with Under The Running Boards EP and ending with the new upcoming full length Option Paralysis. An hour filled with music and story telling with commentary from Ben Weinman, Billy Rymer, Jeff Tuttle, and Greg Puciato. Reactions to working with Mike Patton, playing with Nine Inch Nails, being on Conan O Brien, collectible vinyl, and most importantly MAKING OPTION PARALYSIS!!!!….hear a clip of the new Dillinger Escape Plan song Farewell Mona Lisa at the end of the show which is basically just a rip of some live Youtube Ben reveals one thing that I don’t think anyone else has reported yet, but I could be wrong…find out the name of the notable piano player on the album….listen and discover… do it child.