Blaqart Binder Borden Show 4

A collaboration between Blaqart Radio, Century Media Podcast, and Notes From The Hollywood Underground. This episode features Tim Binder stuck in traffic after work with an announcement about Michael Monroe’s latest project with Sami Yaffa, Ginger (Wildhearts), Todd Youth, and Jimmy Clark. We play a little bit of audio from the press conference Tim attended and show off some of our cool show IDs from Michael Monroe and Sami Yaffa . We also end up talking about virtual reality and Dungeons and Dragons which leads Danny Borden to confess to some pretty hairy 20 sided memories!! My Mic is too quiet the whole show thanks to my computer.. so enjoy!!

Blaqart Binder Borden 4.mp3

Rock And Roll Rejects Episode 1


Mine and Daniel Borden’s Monthly Rock Talk Show!
Named after a song written by The Luxury Sweets of Santa Cruz California!

1 The Orange Tiny Terror
2 The Birth of Action Time Radio
3 Andy Panik Plays It Safe
4 Corky Siegel’s Chamber Blues
5 Danny’s Documentary Gig
6 M For Mississippi
7 Ron Edwards Nothin’ But The Blues Theme
8 Danny Attempts To Play Audio On His End_Danny Fixes His Mic_Danny On KDHX 88.1 St Louis Nothin’ But The Blues
9 Recording In New Orleans and The Whole Rancid Live Experience
10 Mike Moves To Los Angeles
11 Dave King, Fastway, and Flogging Molly
12 Vocal Lessons & The Will
13 Young Heart Attack
14 The New York Dolls and The Quakes
15 Wrap It Up
16 Contact Outro, Mamie Minch Intro
17 Mamie Minch – Cake When I’m Hungry, Fish Story

Danny Borden and Mamie Minch share a matching tattoo although they had never met before :