Blaqart Radio Retribution Episode 7 Chris of The Snips and Blaqart’s Favorite Albums of 2012








On this episode I list my favorite albums of 2012 and have random conversation with Chris of The Snips.

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My favorite albums of 2012:

The Quakes – Planet Obscure – January 2012 Buy
Foxy Shazam – The Church of Rock and Roll – January 24, 2012 Buy
Therapy? – A Brief Crack Of Light – February 14, 2012 Buy
Anti-Flag – The General Strike – March 20, 2012 Buy
The Shins – Port Of Morrow March 20, 2012 Buy
Imperial State Electric – Pop War – March 2012 Buy
MXPX – Plans within Plans – April 3, 2012 Buy
Matt Skiba and The Sekrets – Babylon – April 30th 2012 Buy
Rise To Remain – City Of Vultures – June 5 2012 Buy
Matt Toka – Matt Toka – June 08, 2012 Buy
The Shell Corporation – Time & Pressure EP – June 5, 2012 Buy
The Agonist – Prisoners – June 5, 2012 Buy
Whitechapel – Whitechapel – June 19, 2012 Buy
The Ghost Inside – Get What You Give – June 19, 2012 Buy
Gojira – L’Enfant Sauvage – June 26, 2012 Buy
Christian Martucci – Riding The Blinds – June 29, 2012 Buy
Calabrese – Dayglo Necros July 1, 2012 Buy
Reel Big Fish Candy Coated Fury – July 31, 2012 Buy
Upbeat Allstars – Wake Up – August 6 2012 Buy
In This Moment – Blood – August 14, 2012 Buy
The Snips – Highs Of Low – August 14, 2012 Buy
Billy Talent – Dead Silence – September 4, 2012 Buy
NOFX – Self-Entitled – September 11, 2012 Buy
The Casualties – Restistance – September 25th, 2012 Buy
The Insurgence – Elimi-Nation – October 2, 2012 Buy
Hostage Calm – Please Remain Calm – October 9, 2012 Buy
Doomed To Obscurity – Pipe Bomb – October 2012 Buy
River Jumpers – Chapters – October 12 2012 Buy
Fear – The Fear Record – Nov 6, 2012 Buy
Saint Alvia – Static Psalms – December, 2012 Buy

Blaqart Radio Retribution Episode 4 With Lee Ving Of Fear

Lee Ving of Fear Calls in and talks us through each track on the new album from Fear called The Fear Record, released via The End Records, a ground-breaking 2012 re-recording of the landmark debut 1982 album The Record. I also take a break from the album preview and interview to play songs from:

Doomed To Obscurity – One More War


The Casualties – Warriors On The Road


Smoking Popes – Rubella


The Quakes – Festa Do Estica E Puxa


Calabrese – The Dead Don’t Rise


No Trigger – Insider (Executive/Amputee)


NOFX – Cell Out


River Jumpers – Chapters


Sister Sin – In It For Life


Fear – No More Nothing


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Illustration "Daddy Never Loved Me" Drawn and Supplied by Robert Elrod

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Show uploaded soon Play List interspersed through out show is as follows:

1. The Creepshow – Halloween
2. Misfits Halloween II
3. The Brains – More Brains
4. Tiger Army Ghostfire
5. GWAR – Zombies March
6. The Creepshow – Zombies Ate Her Brain
7. Mad Sin – Back From The Morgue
8. The Brains – Zombie Nation
9. Calabrese – Zombie I
10. GWAR – Tick-Tits
11. Mad Sin – March Of The Deviants
12. Motionless In White – London In Terror
13. Black Veil Brides – Children Surrender
14. Motionless In White – We Only Come Out At Night
15. Vampires Everywhere – Immortal Love
16. Vampires Everywhere – The Embrace
17. The Koffin Kats – A Vampires 2084
18. Calabrese – Vampires Don’t Exist
19. Mad Sin – Won’t See The Sunrise Anymore
20. Motionless In White – Count Choculitis
21. Nevermore – Love Bites
22. Motionless In White – Scissorhands
23. Nevermore – And The Maiden Spoke
24. Calabrese – Your Ghost
25. Koffin Kats – Our Faded Funeral
26. The Creepshow – Sleep Tight
27. Ramones – Chain Saw
28. Aiden – Elizabeth
29. GWAR – Beat You To Death
30. Motionless In White – Undead Ahead
31. The Brains – Screaming
32. The Creepshow – Dusk Til Dawn
33. GWAR – You Are My Meat
34. The Brains Feat Sara Blackwood of The Creepshow – Your Dead
35. Type O Negative – Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare All)



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Gwar - Bloody Pit of Horror

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  • The Creepshow - Run For Your Life
    $11.75 The Creepshow – Run For Your Life 

    Lock your doors, turn out the lights and say your prayers cuz the Creepshow is back with a fiendishly fresh new joint that’ll leave you breathless and begging for more. Hot on the heels of their critically acclaimed debut (Sell Your Soul), Run For…