Blaqart Radio Felony Records Edition with Felony Ron! Discover a Handful of GREAT Bands You May Have Never Heard Before For FREE!

Felony Ron co hosts an entire episode dedicated to Felony Records

DC Fallout – Polarize – Retreat!
Strike Twelve – The Wolf – Killing California
Battle Born – Stick To Your Guns – Stick To Your Guns
SLAB – Blue Collar Tradition – The War At Home
Raised By Apes – Armed Forces – Destination Nowhere
Bear – To Quote FDR – Bear
Majority Lost – Dead Little Girl – Gods, Kings & Personal Demons
Another Damn Disappointment – Bad Liar – Relentless
By All Means – Judgement Devotion – What You Make Of It

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A Tribute To Ronnie James Dio. R.I.P.

NFHU host Danny Borden is joined by fellow Punk Radio Cast DJs Century Media Podcast’s TIm Binder and Action Time Radio’s Steven Blaqart to celebrate the life and music of recently passed Rock Legend Ronnie James Dio.  Featuring music spanning Ronnie’s awe-inspiring career, Henry Rollins sharing how Dio helps him through the rough times and some bonus rarities: a Dio Budweiser commercial, and Radio Station Spot Bloopers!  Quite simply, not to be missed!


Rainbow: Starstruck, Run With The Wolf
Elf: Butterfly Ball
Black Sabbath: Children Of The Sea, The Mob Rules (live), Falling Off The Edge Of The World, TV Crimes
Dio: Stand Up And Shout

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Blaqart Binder Borden Show 4

A collaboration between Blaqart Radio, Century Media Podcast, and Notes From The Hollywood Underground. This episode features Tim Binder stuck in traffic after work with an announcement about Michael Monroe’s latest project with Sami Yaffa, Ginger (Wildhearts), Todd Youth, and Jimmy Clark. We play a little bit of audio from the press conference Tim attended and show off some of our cool show IDs from Michael Monroe and Sami Yaffa . We also end up talking about virtual reality and Dungeons and Dragons which leads Danny Borden to confess to some pretty hairy 20 sided memories!! My Mic is too quiet the whole show thanks to my computer.. so enjoy!!

Blaqart Binder Borden 4.mp3