Blaqart Radio Retribution Episode 4 With Lee Ving Of Fear

Lee Ving of Fear Calls in and talks us through each track on the new album from Fear called The Fear Record, released via The End Records, a ground-breaking 2012 re-recording of the landmark debut 1982 album The Record. I also take a break from the album preview and interview to play songs from:

Doomed To Obscurity – One More War


The Casualties – Warriors On The Road


Smoking Popes – Rubella


The Quakes – Festa Do Estica E Puxa


Calabrese – The Dead Don’t Rise


No Trigger – Insider (Executive/Amputee)


NOFX – Cell Out


River Jumpers – Chapters


Sister Sin – In It For Life


Fear – No More Nothing


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Blaqart Radio Retribution 3

Blaqart Radio Retribution Episode 3

Steven Blaqart plays select songs from 2012 and 2011, unsigned artists and signed artists:

Title Fight – Numb, But I Still Feel It

NOFX – Ronnie and Mags

Doomed To Obscurity – Pipe Bomb
Upbeat Allstars – Heartbreaker

Billy Talent – Viking Death March

The Insurgence – Elimi-Nation

The Casualties – Morality Police

The Shell Corporation – Not Me

MxPx – Stay On Your Feet

Crumb Catcher – Kid In The Well
River Jumpers – Substance & Integrity
Hostage Calm – Don’t Die On Me Now

Living With Lions – Honesty, Honesty

The Dead Milkmen – Meaningless Upbeat Happy Song

Face To Face – It’s Not All About You

The Limit Club – Life Of Crime
Dwarves – The Dwarves Are Still The Best Band Ever

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