My Friends’ Radio Programs

I used to be a Neat Neat Noise fan boy, Micheal Routhier’s former radio show. And I’ve always been a fan of  Blag Dahlia, singer for the greatest punk rock band to ever rise from the scum The Dwarves. So the combination of these two genius on a radio show is off the chart entertainment. Punk legends galore sign on to take over the airwaves every Thursday night at 10 PM EST on

Here’s a show that I like to go visit in Ithaca whenever I get a chance to. Usually when Tim Binder is in town. If you’re Facebook friends with me I usually make a post before I head out there and you can see my on the live Webcam and hear me on the air. It’s a Metal show that runs from 12am to 6am every single Saturday. Find out more by clicking above. Also, check out the first broadcast I ever appeared on with them here!

One of my best friends in this world Timothy Binder hosts this monthly show for Century Media Records. It also airs every Tuesday night at 9pm EST on

Danny Borden hosts this great show.. it’s semi-unusual you should check it out to find out more. But Danny likes to occasionally join Tim Binder and myself on a show we like to call Blaqart Binder Borden search for it here on my own site.

This particular show was on long before I ever was. I have since then made friends with Chris MacBurnie and Stacey Steel. I even did an interview with Shawn Stern with Chris that you can search for right here on this very site. The Grind airs every Friday at 3pm EST on

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