Blaqart Radio Retribution 3

Blaqart Radio Retribution Episode 3

Steven Blaqart plays select songs from 2012 and 2011, unsigned artists and signed artists:

Title Fight – Numb, But I Still Feel It

NOFX – Ronnie and Mags

Doomed To Obscurity – Pipe Bomb
Upbeat Allstars – Heartbreaker

Billy Talent – Viking Death March

The Insurgence – Elimi-Nation

The Casualties – Morality Police

The Shell Corporation – Not Me

MxPx – Stay On Your Feet

Crumb Catcher – Kid In The Well
River Jumpers – Substance & Integrity
Hostage Calm – Don’t Die On Me Now

Living With Lions – Honesty, Honesty

The Dead Milkmen – Meaningless Upbeat Happy Song

Face To Face – It’s Not All About You

The Limit Club – Life Of Crime
Dwarves – The Dwarves Are Still The Best Band Ever

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