Action Time! Radio 1 Blag Dahlia Of The Dwarves Introduces Candy Now! and Talk About Their 2010 Album The Dwarves Are Born Again

Action Time! Radio 1 Blag Dahlia Of The Dwarves mp3 (Right Click and Save Link As to get the mp3)

An entire hour dedicated to one of my favorite bands The Dwarves. We talk with Blag Dahlia about projects of the future, past, and present. Music from The Dwarves, Candy Now!, and Blag Solo. One Half Music, One Half Interview, 100% Genius!

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Action Time Radio 21-The Judas Bunch Interview and Guest Compilation!!!

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I was gonna just give you a compilation episode this week but it turned out being a good one to put The Judas Bunch at the beginning of. I’ve got The Judas Bunch, Blag Dahlia, and Sam Williams talking about GG Allin, The Judas Bunch talking about Fuck The Police, Shawn Stern talking about Canadian rent a cop security guards beating up kids while The Judas Bunch’s Fuck The Police plays in the background and Fletcher Dragge talking about Fuck Authority!

Aug 19 2009 Punk Radio Cast Broadcast 8 w Vadge Moore

Blaqart Radio is Sponsored by there will be a brief 46 second commercial for Zazzle before the show begins:


I start off with a regular set list of music from the likes of:
Dwarves – The Crucifixion Is Now – The Dwarves Are Young and Good Looking
Caliban – Walk Like The Dead – Say Hello to Tragedy
Accidental Perfection – Gotta Grow Up – From Seven to Midnight
Misfits – She – Boxed Set – Disc 3

after that I’m joined by special guest musician/author Vadge Moore who picks a variety of music from Marilyn Manson, Black Flag, Sex Pistols, Circle Jerks, Chthonic Force and so much more! Tune in and see!