Blaqart Radio Get’s Crazy with Wil Francis of Aiden, Vampires Everywhere, and Get Scared

This interview was recorded a few weeks back at The Club at Water Street in Rochester NY. I was only scheduled to do an interview with Wil of Aiden but I ended up having a few drinks, feeling loose and doing a few brief interviews with Michael of Vampires Everywhere and Nicholas of Get Scared. If you are a regular listener of my radio show you may have heard my previous interview with Wil of Aiden where we discuss the paralells of religious control and political control. THis interview sort of  picks up where that one left off 6 months ago except we are both in a different place mentally this time around and I try to narrow the spectrum a bit and interpret atheists as still being under a form of Socialist control. Which leads to today’s debate. CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON OR SUBSCRIBE/DOWNLOAD