Jimmy Stadt of Polar Bear Club at the Warped Tour! Why Do Pigs Eat Shmeeples?



Click Here for audio : Action Time Polar Bear Club

Here’s an Interview I forgot I did at the Warped Tour this Year. It’s not very long, I interviewed 22 bands that day and have yet to post them all on this very site. I aired them all during an event I called Warped Tour Weekend on http://www.Punkradiocast.com. Jimmy Stadt is the vocalist of Polar Bear Club and is pretty much local to me since he lives in Rochester NY which is about 20 minutes away from Victor where I live.  We have a nice chat about a couple songs from their latest album Chasing Hamburg. Afterward I was made hungry talking about the album so I bought a 10 dollar Hamburger from The Warped Tour…..not really.



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  • Polar Bear Club - Chasing Hamburg
    $8.99 Choose Options Polar Bear Club – Chasing Hamburg 

    Chasing Hamburg is a powerful display of an incredible band that is bound by no genre such as “rock” or “post hardcore” or “punk,” and at the end of the day their unique sound can only be described as “for fans of Polar Bear Club.” LP version is…
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    $11.00 Polar Bear Club – The Redder, The Better LP 

    “The Redder, The Better” showcases the band’s not-so-humble beginnings, as this was their EP release before the critically acclaimed full-length “Sometimes Things Just Disappear” back in 2008. Called “absolutely spectacular post-hardcore” by…