Steven Blaqart Invades The Insurgence Band Rehearsal Like A Domesticated Pitbull

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All they wanted to do was practice for a couple of big shows they had coming up, but Steven wouldn’t let them. He insisted on talking about all things related to The Insurgence, the meaning behind a handful of songs, what it’s like to run an independent record label, and what’s on their minds politically. Tune In Now!

Self Titled, 14 tracks, released 2010, Digital Warfare Records

Never Surrender, 4 tracks, released 2009, Basement Records’s Blaqart Radio And The Grind Team Up To Interview Political Filmmaker Jason Bermas

Tune in online right here

write up by Chris MacBurnie host of The Grind

A conversation with Filmmaker / Infowarrior Jason Bermas on biometrics, false flags, failure of the 2 party system, citizen surveillance, The New World Order, the Bilderberg and much, much more.
DON’T trust what we (or the mainstream media outlets) are telling you – do your own research! 

or just tune in and absorb some different points of view through osmosis of the ear canal while listening to some GREAT …PUNK ROCK…. we won’t quiz ya

Conspiracy theories, or facts hidden from the general population…. starting to unravel?

Is the world’s population gradually awakening to to see the true widespread corruption of many our countries and corporations’ leaders.

Unaccounted Corporate Bailouts – out of the pocket of the citizen?
Don’t worry about that – Here’s the Kardashians!!

Where is the rapid advancement of technologies and an ever-inter-connected social network taking us as a society as we are continuing to be financially manipulated for the benefit of the few.

Co-hosted by Steven Blaqart of Blaqart Radio and Chris from The Grind on PunkRadiocast; we’ll spin a bunch of related “socio-political punk rock” (or whatever the smart kids are calling it) between our conversation with Jason Bermas.

Filmmaker, activist, and radio host Jason Bermas has stood up against the powers that be with his films Loose Change/:Final Cut, Invisible Empire, Fabled Enemies as well as many activist-ivities on his previous radio show The InfoWarrior, his work with the sometimes controversial Alex Jones and that’s just to name a bit of it.

He’s been interviewed on Russia Today, CNN, Democracy Now, and countless more – and now he’s on Punkradiocast?!

Jason’s current project is Punk Rock Politics: 

Fabled Enemies documentary:

Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined: