Blaqart’s Best Interviews of 2010

This is a list of all of my personal favorites of 2010

Koefte Deville of Mad Sin

Koefte discusses his new outlook on life!

Wil Francis of Aiden/William Control

I get Wil to open up and talk about Religion and Politics in depth!


I have never in my life ever produced such an amazing show!  Not just for Halloween, if you like true ghost stories check it out immediately!

Fred Mascherino of Terrible Things

Fred talks his head off about all kinds of stuff plus you get a good dose of the songs on the self titled album.

Jim Lindberg Of The Black Pacific

Tune in and hear the word of Punk Rock Patriot Jim Lindberg interweaved between lyric and verse of the entire full length Black Pacific

Liam Wilson of The Dillinger Escape Plan

More Warped Tour 2010 coverage, short and sweet!

John Joseph Meat Is For Pussies

John Joseph and I get fully in depth about the ways you are being soft killed and why

Pete Dee of The Adicts

Pete Dee and I discuss a dizzying amount of different topics

The Riverboat Gamblers VS The Swellers

Nick from The Swellers engages Mike of RBG and I in Movie conversation

Flatfoot 56

I get nutty with Flatfoot 56 about Humanity and America

Grant Fury of Ambush

Grant and I get heavy into Politics on this one!

B Dolan

Hands Down one of my greatest interviews I go all conspiracy nut job.  B Dolan light heartedly joins in

Warrel Dane of Nevermore

Another one of my greatest! Warrel is a very mysterious and cryptic guest with a great sense of humor

Adrian Perry of TAB the Band

Adrian and I hit it off like good friends as we preview his latest album Zoo Noises

Oderus Urungus of GWAR

10 minutes of Comedy

Sage Francis

Sage Francis and I discuss his album for a listening party edited by him!

Andrew WK

World renowned Hard Partier and Motivational Speaker Andrew WK proves to be an interesting guest. My most memorable qoute included.

Tyler Guida of  Dr Acula

This one was just good. Tyler is pretty funny

Vinnie Fiorello of Less Than Jake

Everything you ever need to know about Vinnie Fiorello. The A Wilhelm Scream interview wasn’t one of my best, but they are a great band.

Gary Holt of Exodus

Gary Holt is extremely nice and extremely opinionated! Chuck Billy turns out to quite nice and quite laid back.

Geoff Rickly of Thursday, Frank Turner, and Nathan Maxwell

Three separate interviews that all intertwine!

Bobby Steele of The Undead

My first interview with Bobby Steele. Bobby is FILLED with great stories! Great guy too.

Freddy Madball

Freddy Madball and I explore is rap album like pros and I never get any damn credit for it!

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