About Steven Blaqart

I have survived the hell of going through a nasty divorce. I just deleted a picture with a caption reading ” I have an ugly smile,” not true! I am a very different man today than I was back when I was DJ-ing for Punk Radio Cast, a lot of the interviews on this site are a reflection of the type of person I was struggling to escape, all of my unhappiness was coming from within me. I can only blame myself for my own failures. Political talk radio helped me in the sense that I realized something needed to change, so I changed what I could, me. I disappeared for a while and came back new creatively, I have three podcasts that I alternate between that you can find on iTunes, Blaqart Radio Retribution, How To Tame Your Timebomb, and a variety show for people who enjoy reading that I do with my girlfriend Lisa Storm. Please join us on our new blog http://www.muxworthyrevue.com . I’ve been experimenting with animation, learning how to draw, write short stories and reviews. My creativity has no aim, it’s really just running wild and  most of it does not make it to the internet, especially my creative cooking. But I just felt people should know that I never gave up being an entertainer, I just need to refine it. I had to quit playing in Scholar because I couldn’t miss the weekends that I have with my children and I can’t afford to spend my gas playing shows for free, but I am still writing music!

I make a living in a reclaimed salvaged lumber mill creating antique wood flooring. I spend the majority of my day running the resaw. The “Green” company I work for is called Pioneer Millworks and we’re always looking for customers check us out here.

That’s all folks… if you didn’t care you wouldn’t have read it… think about it.


The saw I spend most of my life running

The saw I spend most of my life running

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