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Fat Mike of NOFX Reveals Plans to Create a Serious Musical

if you missed the interview I apologize

First off, let me start by saying that if you think that Fat Mike is planning on creating another half ass album concept musical like the Green Day Musical, you’re wrong. As a matter of fact it turns out that Fat Mike is actually a huge fan of Musical Theater and has been ever since he was just a kid. This Weds March 23 at 8pm on you can tune in for the phone conversation I had with Fat Mike about the Musical project he’s been working on, how he had the honor of meeting the cast of Avenue Q, and hear for yourself just how serious he’s really taking this whole thing. But you know I can’t stop there…We also discuss things like happiness, pride, “socialism”, homosexuality, economic recessions, sex dungeons, Fat Wreck Chords, and Old Man Markley.  More Interview to come later in the show after I play music from a shit ton of bands including Old Man Markley, Cobra Skulls, Chixdiggit! a block of new music from Ninjas With Syringes and To Ed Gein. I take a moment to promote an upcoming show I’m playing with my band Scholar and Banquets in Rochester NY March 26th we go on at 4pm. Then it’s back to new music from Agnostic Front, Wreak Havoc, and Rise Against… a political set. Then we dive into a brief interview with Todd Serious of The Rebel Spell and spin a few tracks from their album Beautiful Future while discussing surveillance grids and Russian revolutionaries. Finally I get back into it with Fat Mike and ask him “why a tour in Canada and why not Upstate New York” which gets a funny reaction in my opinion!

There’s been one constant in NOFX’s twenty-eight year career, it’s been their quest to innovate, whether that means writing the world’s most epic punk song (“The Decline”), playing shows in some of the most dangerous locales in the world (as evidenced in their Fuse TV series Backstage Passport) or tackling subject matter that will make you laugh, cry and critically think—often within the confines of the same song. NOFX are very excited to announce their first cross Canada tour since 1994. The tour kicks off in St. Johns, Newfoundland bringing the band the farther east in North America than they’ve ever been. The Great White NO[FX]rth Tour will also feature two Fat Wreck Chords favorites: Teenage Bottlerocket and Old Man Markley.

June 14 in St. Johns, Newfoundland @ Club One
June 15 in Halifax, Nova Scotia @ The Multi Purpose Room
June 17 in Chicoutimi, Quebec @ Zone Portuaire (with The Sainte Catherines)
June 18 in Montebello, Quebec @ Rockfest
June 20 in Montreal , Quebec @ Metropolis
June 21 in Montreal , Quebec @ Metropolis
June 23 in London, Ontario @ The Music Hall
June 24 in Toronto, Ontario @ The Kool Haus
June 25 in Toronto, Ontario @ The Kool Haus
June 27 in Winnipeg, Manitoba @ The Burton Cummings Theatre
June 29 in Edmonton, Alberta @ The Edmonton Events Centre
June 30 in Calgary, Alberta @ The Mac Ewan Hall
July 1 in Vancouver, British Columbia @ The Commodore
July 2 in Vancouver, British Columbia @ The Commodore

Wanna get your hands on a limited pressing of both “Fuck the Kids” and “Surfer” on colored vinyl and simultaneously help out with the tragedy in Japan? Of course you do, cause everyone knows that if NOFX fans are known for anything it’s their compassionate nature…

Seriously, though, the Japanese people have always been huge supporters of FAT, generous hosts to our touring bands, and great supporters of punk rock in general. So it’s time for us to all chip in for the cause, which is why all of the proceeds from your purchase will go directly to Japanese aid.

It’s a win win. You get two super rare pieces of NOFX vinyl and you come out looking like a saint. Besides who are we kidding, you’re gonna make a 300% profit on your investment when you throw these up on eBay in a couple weeks.

If you can’t afford the 7”s please give what you can to one of the many organizations helping out Japan. Stay strong Japan.




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  1. Now that’s how you post a promo blog entry!

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