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What I’m doing now

Well it turns out, I hate running a website, I hate PR douchebags that set up interviews and then do nothing to promote the interviews. They get paid, I don’t. My website needs to be renewed and I’d rather not pay the money to renew it. I am wasting my time and money on this website. I will continue to broadcast my show weekly on every Weds night starting at 8PM EST and ending at 10 PM EST, figure it out if you live in a different time zone. The feed for the show will cease to exist, I started a new feed, you can get access to it only by friending me on Facebook just look for Steven Blaqart, my page is private but just send me a personal message “Blaqart Radio” and I’ll add you. I would make a LIKE page for Blaqart and Action Time Radio but I can’t handle that sort of rejection so just add me as your friend and we’ll try to get along.

I have a like page on Farcebook you can subscribe to that and like it

AMMENDMENT: I realize now that the reason I quit is simply because I don’t need this anymore

I might occasionally post something on here but for the most part I need to cut this stress out of my life. as I said before I will still be broadcasting and if you’re not on Facebook and you still want my podcast just email me at You have to be my friend first.

– Steven Blaqart

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