Mike of Riverboat Gamblers with Nick of The Swellers! It’s Movie Trivia Time!


Mike Wiebe of Riverboat Gamblers photo by Gary Copeland



Nick Diener of The Swellers photo by Sarah Weissman


Another one of my favorite interviews from the 2010 Vans Warped Tour. Mike of Riverboat Gamblers and Nick of The Swellers volunteer to do their interviews together and reveal that they share a common respect for one another and  the same bizarre movies.



Riverboat Gamblers – Underneath The Owl – CD
The Gamblers push their unique brand of blistering pith n’ vinegar anthems and quirky pop serenades over the edge on Underneath the Owl.


Those intimate with the Gamblers’ previous output will hear the garage DIY scrap and brawl of their self-titled first record, the balls-out rock backbone of Something to Crow About, and the personalized pop apocalypse of To The Confusion of Our Enemies. Worry not. Your needs will be met. All of them. There is a xylophone and it’s okay.

Track Listing:
01 Dissdissdisskisskisskiss (featuring Todd Congelliere)
02 A Choppy, Yet Sincere Apology
03 Catastrophe
04 Alexandria
05 Pilgrims In An Unholy Land
06 Sleepless
07 Robots May Break Your Heart
08 The Tearjerker
09 Keep Me From Drinking
10 Steer Clear
11 Victory Lap

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Price: $12
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Pick One:

The Swellers
Ups and Downsizing – CD

Produced by Mark Michalik, The Swellers first album for Fueled By Ramen is the perfect balance of melodic pop punk. Something this good should not be passed up. Ups and Downsizing will be your new favorite record.

Welcome Back Riders – 7″

  1. 2009
  2. Fire Away
  3. Sleeper
  4. Welcome Back Riders
  5. Feet First
  6. Do You Feel Better Yet?
  7. Ups and Downsizing
  8. The Iron
  9. Watch It Go
  10. Stars
  11. Dirt