Blaqart Radio on Episode 43


Me and my new friend Lauren Mills split a set list from Hell to celebrate our birthday which was on the same day 14 years apart. I feel old!

Kid Dynamite – Birthday – Shorter, Faster, Louder
Refused – Refused Party Program – The Shape Of Punk To Come
Sick of It All – Lifeline – Based On a True Story
Pour Habit – Evolution – Suiticide
Cancer Bats – Dead Wrong – Bears, Mayors, Scraps and Bones
Arsonists Get All the Girls – My Cup’s Half Empty – Portals
Snapcase – New Academy – Bright Flashes
NOFX – USA-Holes – Wolves In Wolves Clothing
Bad Religion – Sorrow(Acoustic) – New Maps From Hell(Bonus Disc)
Frank Turner – Try This At Home – Poetry Of The Deed
Chaser – In This Together – The Big Picture
Secret And Whisper – Bedroom Galaxy – Teenage Fantasy
Rise Against – Grammatizator – Grammatizator vinyl
Therapy – If It Kills Me – High Anxiety
The Rabble – Take A Walk – The New Generation (Limited Edition)
The Cute Lepers – You Don’t Have To Belong To The Religious Right – Smart Accessories
Youth Brigade – Deep Inside Of Me – Happy Hour
Calabrese – Deep In The Red – They Call Us Death
Emmure – Ticket For The Paralyzer – Goodbye To The Gallows

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