Action Time! Radio 39/Danny Diablo Interview

The best of hip hop and hardcore collide with the release of Danny Diablo’s new album, International Hardcore Superstar, due out on Hellcat Records on Oct 6. Part singer, part actor, part entrepreneur, Diablo, AKA Lord Ezec, is an underground virtuoso with one foot in the New York hardcore scene and the other in thugcore hip hop. Not for the timid or weak, International Hardcore Superstar brings the heat with a blending of thick body rocking beats, heavy guitar riffs and confrontational in-your-face rhymes that’ll leave you moshing, shaking your ass or both

Hailing from Queens, Diablo embraced the street mentality at an early age, becoming infamous within the underground under the assumed moniker of Lord Ezec. Having access to the booming New York hardcore scene in Jackson Heights, his ultra rebellious attitude was a natural fit with the aggressive scene, and, in the early nineties, Diablo became a roadie for bands Sick of it All and Biohazard. Always one to do his own thing, Diablo eventually formed the much respected underground band Crown of Thornz. In 1995 Diablo found his notorious “thugcore” side when he created the aggressive side-project Skarhead with members of Madball and Subzero. He’d go on to release and EP and full-length with the band and tour with Hatebreed and Gwar among others.

One of the first New York hardcore people to move into the hip-hop world, Diablo began blending the lines between hardcore and hip-hop, working with artists like Danny Boy (House of Pain) and bands like Transplants. He released his first solo album Thugcore 4 Life in 2008, which included production by Tim Armstrong (Rancid) and guest appearances from Daddy X (Kottonmouth Kings), DJ Lethal, Skinhead Rob (Transplants).

On Oct 6, Diablo returns with his follow-up, International Hardcore Superstar, a collection of fifteen down and dirty songs covering the gambit from brutal to sexy. Racy and pulse pounding, the album’s first single “Don’t You Want Me,” a Human League mash up, is an instant hit with Diablo’s unforgettable vocals over the song’s catchy beats with seductive guest vocals from the sultry Natasha Nicholson. The record opens with “Sex and Violence,” a hard-hitting hip hop/dance take on The Exploited’s classic Oi song featuring vocals by Everlast and Tim Armstrong, and it doesn’t slow down with tracks like the rapcore riff-rhyming of “Working Class,” the thugcore crowd pleaser “Kill Em Dead,” the infectuous “Give Me A Chance” and street life ballad “2 Hip.” Diablo shows his versatile style and skills on the mic on hardcore rap anthems like the album’s title track and the shot out to his borough “Queens Killaz.”

“I been a lot of places in my life,” states Diablo. “Places within this world and places within myself. This record is reflection of that crazy I lived and I made sure there is a song for everyone on it. So sit back let the music play and enjoy. In life you have to take the good and the bad and make the best out it. It has been 2 and half years of highs and lows while making this record. Now people can hear some examples of how hardcore my life has been. “

International Hardcore Superstar cements Diablo not only as the king of the “thugcore” scene, but also establishes him as one of the most innovative and creative up-and-coming forces in mainstream hip hop. – Hellcat Records

Action Time! Radio – Action Time Radio 39-Danny Diablo


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