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Feb 10, 2010 broadcast 27

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On Shuffle Again!

Bulldog Courage – Our Neighborhood – From Heartache to Hatred

Armageddon – Winter Skies – Three
Nekromantix – My Girl – Life Is a Grave & I Dig It!
Dear Landlord – Doormat – Dream Homes
Pennywise – The Kids – The Fuse

The Cute Lepers – Berlin Girls – Smart Accessories
Hawthorne Heights – Silver Bullet – The Silence in Black and White
The Strychnine Babies – Numb – redestruction the ghetto years 96-99

Ben Folds Five – Regrets – The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner
Apa State Mental – Jetman – The Reunited Heavy Metal States Of Apa State Mental
Modern Life Is War – Young Man Blues – Witness
Hüsker Dü – Hate Paper Doll – Flip Your Wig

Backyard Babies – Fill Up This Bad Machine – Diesel And Power
Nirvana – Tourette’s – In utero
Hardcore Superstar – Don’t You Ever Leave Me – 11th Street Tales – A Tribute To Hanoi Rocks
The Spears – Dirtnap – Shove
Amorphis – Sampo – Skyforger

Refuse Resist – Shoulda Been Aborted – Socialized


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