Action Time! Radio 28/The Dillinger Escape Plan Interview

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Hear an audio trip through Dillinger Escape Plan history narrated by Ben Weinman/Guitar Player/Founding Member starting with Under The Running Boards EP and ending with the new upcoming full length Option Paralysis. An hour filled with music and story telling with commentary from Ben Weinman, Billy Rymer, Jeff Tuttle, and Greg Puciato. Reactions to working with Mike Patton, playing with Nine Inch Nails, being on Conan O Brien, collectible vinyl, and most importantly MAKING OPTION PARALYSIS!!!!….hear a clip of the new Dillinger Escape Plan song Farewell Mona Lisa at the end of the show which is basically just a rip of some live Youtube Ben reveals one thing that I don’t think anyone else has reported yet, but I could be wrong…find out the name of the notable piano player on the album….listen and discover… do it child.

Blaqart Radio Podcast – Dec 16, 2009 Punk Radio Cast 24 w A389 and Dom of Pulling Teeth

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A show in support of the upcoming A389 Records celebration in January more info at

co hosted by Dom of Pulling Teeth/Slumlords/Virgin Witch/Hatewaves/ a billion other bands man!!!

A389 Records and Blaqart Radio teamed up on the air  Dec. 16 @ 8pm EST on In support of the Six Year Celebration Live Show Weekend Extravanganza in Baltimore Maryland Jan 8th and 9th. Music from Thor, Pulling Teeth, Slumlords, No Redeeming Social Value, Deathammer, Integrity, Ringworm, Gehanna, Starkweather, VVegas, Seraphim and so much more!!!! 1 hour and 45 minutes of on air madness and awkward pauses/talking over each other!!!!!! It’s about the music people!
Pulling Teeth – Black Skies – Martyr Immortal
Deathammer – Sentenced To Deat – Demo
VVegas – Pleasures Received In Pain – NeVVer
Gluttons – Point Break – 7′ (Master)
PALA – Frost-Dust – PALA
Gehenna – Dead Shell – The War Of The Sons Of Light And The Suns Of Darkness
In Cold Blood – Suicide King – Suicide King
Integrity – Love Is The Only Weapon-Let The Night Roar – Upcoming album
No Redeeming Social Value – Piece of the axxe – THC
Oak – Gates Are Open – s-t 12′
Hatewaves – Intro-Taste The Beast – Taste The Beast
Ringworm – The Promise – The Promise
Slumlords – Drunk At The YOT Reunion – On The Stremph!
Rot In Hell – Dyonisian – Hallways Of The Always
Starkweather – Bitterfrost – Croatoan
Thor – Thunder On The Tundra – PT-Thor Cover Set
Seraphim – Above The Waters – Seraphim 7′
Millenial Reign – Luminous Veil – EP
The Love Below – Some of Us Have Real Problems – The Love Below (New 7′)
Virgin Witch – Sword Of Omens-Sight Beyond Sight – WaVs
XCoalition Against ShaneX – Keep The Dogs Away – Keepin’ The Dogs Away