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Action Time! Radio 22-Silverstein and Cake Interviews

info below the videos

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First on the show, I’m joined by Shane Told of Silverstein. We talk about the Syracuse NY hardcore scene, feelings about being labeled Screamo and Post Hardcore by mass media, Ryan Hart the American Hardcore Idol, reflect upon music video budgets and talk about Silverstein’s latest release A Shipwreck In The Sand.

Next on the show, Cake founding member Vince DiFiore, joins me to fill me in on Cake’s latest adventures. We discuss solar powered recording studios, mailing list ring tone giveaways, The broad metaphor that is the lyrics of The Distance and how my friend Jesse like’s to think of them in an adult oriented way, Snoop Dogg and Doctor inspired keyboard parts, Bar Mitzvahs, and their upcoming Spring 2010 release.

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