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September 30 2009 Punk Radio Cast Broadcast 14 Play List & Interview with Jeremy Mckinnon of A Day To Remember

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A Day To Remember front man Jeremy Mckinnon calls in during a taping of Blaqart Radio to talk in between sets about my favorite songs from their last album Homesick.

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play list:
A Day To Remember – My Life For Hire – Homesick
Bring Me the Horizon – Chelsea Smile – Suicide Season
Arch Enemy – – The Immortal – The Root Of All Evil

A Day To Remember – Welcome To The Family – Homesick
I See Stars – I Am Jack’s Smirking Revenge – 3D
As Cities Burn – ’84 Sheepdog – Hell or High Water
Killed By The Bull – Turn Me Into Dirt – Failing Is Fun

A Day To Remember – Mr. Highway’s Thinking About The End – Homesick
Taking Back Sunday – Sink Into Me – New Again
Emmure – You Sunk My Battleship – Felony

The Spears – Rightside Upside Down

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