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September 23, 2009 Punk Radio Cast Broadcast 13

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Killed By The Bull – What’s Inside – Failing Is Fun

The Strychnine Babies – New Religion – New Religion EP
The Spears – Nothing’s Funny Anymore – Shove
FDISK – Connection Reset by Satan – Connection Reset By Satan

Pennywise – Something To Live For – Reason To Believe
Broadway Calls – Be All That You Can’t Be – Good Views, Bad News
Dillinger Four – Americaspremierfaithbasedinitiative – Civil War
Set Your Goals – Our Ethos- A Legacy To Pass On – This Will Be The Death Of Us

Despised Icon – Les Temps Changent – Day Of Mourning
Clothes Make The Man – Air Loom – Distance
The A.K.A.s – Confessions of a Dangerous Mouth – Everybody Make Some Noise!

Eryn Non Dae – The Decline And The Fall – Hydra Lernaia
Pour Habit – Light the Torch – Suiticide
Los Difuntos – Lucy – Los Difuntos

The Shins – Saint Simon – Chutes Too Narrow

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