September 30 2009 Punk Radio Cast Broadcast 14 Play List & Interview with Jeremy Mckinnon of A Day To Remember

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A Day To Remember front man Jeremy Mckinnon calls in during a taping of Blaqart Radio to talk in between sets about my favorite songs from their last album Homesick.

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play list:
A Day To Remember – My Life For Hire – Homesick
Bring Me the Horizon – Chelsea Smile – Suicide Season
Arch Enemy – – The Immortal – The Root Of All Evil

A Day To Remember – Welcome To The Family – Homesick
I See Stars – I Am Jack’s Smirking Revenge – 3D
As Cities Burn – ’84 Sheepdog – Hell or High Water
Killed By The Bull – Turn Me Into Dirt – Failing Is Fun

A Day To Remember – Mr. Highway’s Thinking About The End – Homesick
Taking Back Sunday – Sink Into Me – New Again
Emmure – You Sunk My Battleship – Felony

The Spears – Rightside Upside Down

Action Time! Radio 17/Justin Fullam Of Killed By The Bull Interview

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Justin Fullam of Killed by the Bull drops by to talk about their latest album Failing Is Fun. This show features tales of weird dreams, paranormal happenings, and strange ghost stories…. woooooo

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September 23, 2009 Punk Radio Cast Broadcast 13

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Killed By The Bull – What’s Inside – Failing Is Fun

The Strychnine Babies – New Religion – New Religion EP
The Spears – Nothing’s Funny Anymore – Shove
FDISK – Connection Reset by Satan – Connection Reset By Satan

Pennywise – Something To Live For – Reason To Believe
Broadway Calls – Be All That You Can’t Be – Good Views, Bad News
Dillinger Four – Americaspremierfaithbasedinitiative – Civil War
Set Your Goals – Our Ethos- A Legacy To Pass On – This Will Be The Death Of Us

Despised Icon – Les Temps Changent – Day Of Mourning
Clothes Make The Man – Air Loom – Distance
The A.K.A.s – Confessions of a Dangerous Mouth – Everybody Make Some Noise!

Eryn Non Dae – The Decline And The Fall – Hydra Lernaia
Pour Habit – Light the Torch – Suiticide
Los Difuntos – Lucy – Los Difuntos

The Shins – Saint Simon – Chutes Too Narrow