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Sept 2,2009 Punk Radio Cast Broadcast 10 w Strychnine Babies

Blaqart Radio is Sponsored by there will be a brief 46 second commercial for Zazzle before the show begins:


There are currently no Strychnine Babies videos online but Eric Bower used to be in Dead City Psychos so check this out!

Steven Blaqart and Special Musical Guest Hosts –
The Strychnine Babies, yes, the entire band is on the show!

Play List
The Strychnine Babies – Killing Time – New Religion – EP

Peter Laughner – Ain’t it Fun – Take The Guitar Player For A Ride
Pagans – Street Where Nobody Lives – Shit Street
Dead City Psychos – Nowhere Fast – Babylon

Black President – Who Do You Trust – Black President
D Generation – No Way Out – No Lunch
Reagan Youth – degenerated – Anthems for the new Order
Fear – New York’s Alright If You Like Saxophones – The Record

The Strychnine Babies – Scum Of The Earth – New Religion – EP
the Chesterfield Kings – i don’t understand – The MindBending Sounds of….
Demolition 23. – Hammersmith Palais – Demolition 23

The Strychnine Babies – Numb – redestruction the ghetto years 96-99


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