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Action Time! Radio 3/Lorenzo Antonucci of Sworn Enemy

Action Time! Radio 3-Lorenzo of Sworn Enemy mp3

Lorenzo Antonucci of Sworn Enemy and I do a field recording interview in Rochester NY and talk about Sworn Enemy’s new album Total World Domination, his side project Smashface, and some of his NYC hardcore influences.

tracks include:

Sworn Enemy – Lies – Total World Domination
Sworn Enemy – All Fucked Up (Blood For Blood Cover)
Sworn Enemy – Home Of The Brave*CLIP*-Total World Domination Smashface – Anthem – Unreleased Album
Sworn Enemy – Get In The Ring*CLIP* – Total World Domination Warbringer – Jackal*CLIP* – Waking Into Nightmares
Madball – Set It Off – Set It Off
Biohazard – Punishment – Urban Discipline
Agnostic Front – Time Will Come – Cause For Alarm
Cro-Mags – Days Of Confusion – Best Wishes
Sworn Enemy – Still Hating – Total World Domination

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