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Blaqart Radio 49/PRC Show #1

DOWNLOAD THIS EPISODE HERE right click,  save link as

NOFX – Suits and Ladders – Coaster
Therapy – My Voodoo Doll – High Anxiety
Dear Landlord – Living In Hell – Dream Homes
No Friends – Never Ending Fight – Self Titled Album releases July 28th

Anti-Flag – This Is The First Night – The People Or The Gun
Thursday – Resuscitation Of A Dead Man – Common Existence
Rancid – Disconnected – Let The Dominoes Fall (Acoustic Bonus CD)
Pour Habit – Suiticide – Suiticide

Dillinger Four – Americaspremierfaithbasedinitiative – Civil War
Descendents – Maddie – Cool to Be You
Apa State Mental – Jacob’s Inferno – The Reunited Heavy Metal States Of Apa State Mental

The Germs – Media Blitz – MIA- The Complete Anthology
Death – You’re A Prisoner – …For The World To See
Conor Oberst – Spoiled – Outer South
Boats! – Heart of Gold – Boats!

Agent Orange – A Cry for Help in the World Gone Mad – Living In Darkness
The Slashers – Suburban School Massacre (Final Master)
The Black Heart Blisters – End Transmission – Television
The Strychnine Babies – Scum of the Earth – New Religion

Taking Back Sunday – Carpathia – New Again



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