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Blaqart Radio 39 – co hosted by Bobby Durango of The Rock City Angels

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This is not a copy of Butler’s show, it’s the Use Once And Destroy playlist of music selected and co hosted by Bobby Durango of The Rock City Angels. Hear the stories about the songs that influenced him directly from the man himself.

To Download This Episode Of Blaqart Radio Simply Click On The Picture

Rock City Angels – Psychopath – Use Once And Destroy
Agent Orange – Bloodstains [Original Version] – Living in Darkness
The Germs – Lexicon Devil – GI
The Avengers – Corpus Christi – The American in Me
The Collins Kids – Whistle Bait – Rockin’est
The Kinks – I’m Not Like Everybody Else – Kinkdom
Rock City Angels – Coffee And Cigarettes – Use Once And Destroy
T-Rex – Children Of The Revolution – Tanx
Voice Mail for Bobby Durango
Rock City Angels – Convicted – Use Once And Destroy
More voice mail
Rock City Angels – Right On Time – Lost Generation
Social Distortion – Another State of Mind – Mommy’s Little Monster
Circle Jerks – The Slave
The Adolescents – Who Is Who – The Adolescents
Mick Jagger – Memo From Turner – Memo From Turner
Muddy Waters w Johnny Winter- Mannish Boy – Hard Again
Rock City Angels – Use Once And Destroy – Use Once And Destroy

interested in hearing Bobby tell the story of The Rock City Angels
Check out Bobby on The Rock And Roll Geek Show heard that already?!

Check out the one Andy Panik did with Daniel Borden on Notes From The Hollywood Underground send a request to

Ask Bobby A Question On The Air!
Leave voice mail for Bobby Durango : 1-206-666-7348
he’ll answer your question on the air on Blaqart Radio
or send your email to be read on the show or an mp3 recording of yourself to :

Recipe for a Rock City Angels Music Video

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