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2 responses to “Blaqart Radio Episode 32

  1. Jacob


    The track with RCA is not a bonus track. Not sure why the mp3 I sent ya had that info.

    One more thing – there’s plenty of songs written by the original members on the Kiss solo albums. “Wikipedia” the albums and see for yourself my friend.

    Take care,

    • blaqartradio ⋅

      the tone of this response is SARCASTIC:
      Wikipedia was the exact source of my misinformation, I never actually took the time to research the other albums I was just reading what it said. Like a Paul Stanley puppet, a god damned vacant vessel in this world repeating mis-written information and dispensing it carelessly to the world like it was no big thing. Ace Frehley had a hit song on his album “apparently” also taken from Wikipedia. I also forgot to promote the new Rock City Angels album it’s called Use Once And Destroy. I’ll make it up to the people next show I promise!
      the source of my misinformation:

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