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Blaqart Radio Episode 29

To download this episode of Blaqart Radio you'll need to right click, save as, on the picture


Magazine – Rhythm Of Cruelty
The Luxury Sweets – Bright Nights
Union Carbide Productions – Cartoon Animal
The Sleeping Sea King – Rule The Night
Syrup – Sexy Swimmin’ Hole
Apa State Mental – Banana Bribes
Pink Pedal Pushers – my mom’s a pusher
Clutch – Gravel Road
Blind Reign – Black Again
Therapy? – Alrite
The Sewergrooves – I really love you

The Roxxcast
Burrito Electrico

Here’s the link to that producer I couldn’t think of Jack Endino

And the video I promised… What the Fandango?!


One response to “Blaqart Radio Episode 29

  1. Jacob

    Cool webiste my friend!
    Yeah Jack Endino’s produced a lot of cool shit – Zeke, Soundgarden etc.
    I saw him with his own band Skin Yard in the early 90’s, great gig.


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