Blaqart Radio Episode 27

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Blaqart Radio Episode 27
Tuesday, February 17, 2009
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today’s show is a Custom Cast for singer/songwriter Andrew Vait
The Show Features songs from:
Jeff Buckley, The Shins, Neil Young, Nada Surf, Muse, Andrew Vait,
Arcade Fire
enjoy and see ya tomorrow!!!!!!!!!


Corrections for Episode 29

From Jacob Zetterholm:

Maybe the Union Carbide songs were named incorrectly cuz you actually played “Waiting for Turns”.

Just thought I’d give you the info on Pink Pedal Pushers – after they split up singer/guitarist (Jonas) and bass player Nicko formed the Hard Liquor Men.
The other guitarist and the drummer formed Apa State Mental.

Thank you Jacob!
If any you know of any corrections that need to be made to any of the shows you’ve heard so far please feel free to let me know